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Inspiring Learners, Growing Together

Inspiring Learners, Growing Together

British Values

British Values are intertwined with our Christian and life values, we use every opportunity to promote British Values through RE and PSHE lessons, through collective worship and discussions. One of our key values is respect for all and tolerance for all faiths and beliefs. As part of our RE curriculum we learn about faiths around the world alongside our Christian focus as a Church of England School. The children North Crawley CE school embrace their nationalities and we learn to count in each others languages.

Through our Golden Rules and Behaviour Policy we teach the children about the rule of law, how to be a well mannered, well behaved citizen, how to care for others and look after property. The children are clear about our mantra 'We care, we share, we learn, we play, we worship together' much of which underpins rule of law.

We often have 'votes', votes for our favourite ice cream, an activity to take part in, simple ways to teach children and help them understand democracy. Hearing pupils voices supports both democracy and individual liberty.


British Values are:

· democracy

· rule of law

· individual liberty

· mutual respect

· tolerance of those of different faiths and beliefs



North Crawley School Council

The School Council makes things better if they need improving. If somebody has a problem or an idea we try to listen and we try to make that idea real. If we feel that something is wrong we try and fix it.


We organise events to raise money for charity and people in need. This year we had a 'Rickshaw Challenge' for Children in Need, a sports afternoon for sports relief and a mufti day for the NSPCC.


Our aim is to make things as near to perfect as we can.


By North Crawley School Council Members


Knowledge Organiser