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KS1 London Trip - Thursday 6th February 2020

Thank you to all our parents for making sure the children were dropped off on time this morning.

They are happily on their way.


10:25am - the group have arrived at Gateway Services and are enjoying their first snack of the day and a comfort break.


11:00am - the group have left the services and are singing their way to London, all smiles.


11:50am - the group have just arived at the London Eye - all happy and on schedule!


12:25pm - the group are on the London Eye. It is sunny and clear skies in London so they have a fantastic view.


1.00pm - the group have completed their journey on the London Eye.


1.50pm - the group are now enjoying their Thames River Cruise.


2.45pm - the group have finished their river cruise and will shortly be getting on the bus to come home. All of the children have behaved brilliantly, we are very proud of them. The weather has been fantastic and the children have learnt a lot, they will have lots to tell you when they get home!


3.05pm - the group are now on their way home.


4.40pm - a bit of traffic on the M1, but still hoping to arrive back approx. 5.30pm.


5.15pm - arrival looking more like 5.45pm.



More updates to follow.