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Friday 3rd April


It was so lovely to see you all this morning, with your amazing Easter Bonnets, fantastic creations that you have been making, the lovely diaries,  all of the caterpillars and even a snail! 


We hope you have a lovely Easter Holiday, don't eat too much Chocolate!


Happy Easter to you and all of your families!

Thursday 2nd April


Good Morning Wise Owls.  We are loving this sunshine, are you?   Have you been  making Easter Bonnets or Easter Cards?   Don't forget that we are hoping to all meet up on Zoom tomorrow at 10 am.  It will be lovely to see you all and anything that you have to show us.  See you tomorrow morning!!smiley

If you are looking for some more ways to get active each morning these are good fun.

If you are looking for some more ways to get active each morning these are good fun. 1
If you are looking for some more ways to get active each morning these are good fun. 2

Monday 30th March


Good Morning Wise Owls.  We hope you are all well and have had a lovely weekend in the garden in the sunshine, It was a bit windy though wasn't it?


So this is our second week at home, it's strange isn't it not coming in to school?  We are all missing you, have you been doing PE with Joe Wicks?  I did it for the first time this week, try it this week if you haven't already.  I did online yoga for my exercise last week.


We would have had an Easter Bonnet Parade this week.  Why not challenge yourself to make an Easter Bonnet with things you have around the house, you could even email photos in to school if you'd like us to see them.


This week you could continue  with the ideas we put on here on Thursday:




Year 1

keep up with the Daily Phonics on RWI, if you are doing well then use the sound of the day to spell other words and you could write these words in sentences.


Year 2

Practise spelling the Common Exception Words on the list we gave you at the end of term.   Find out which ones you don't know and choose 10 each week to practise.  If you are good at this, challenge yourself to write them in sentences.


Year 1 and 2

Keep up writing a diary, just like Thomas Pepys did, see if you can write it every day for this week.  It will be lovely to read back in years to come and we'd love to read them when we return to school.  Remember to use conjunctions to give more detail to your sentences and use lots of description.




Year 1 and 2


Continue to practise number bonds to 10 and 20.


Keep practising telling the time.  (You don't need to learn digital clocks yet)  You could try and make your own clock out of a circle or paper plate and practice:


Year 1  - o'clock, and half past, quarter past - challenge yourself to learn more if you find this easy.


Year 2 -  as above and quarter to the hour and then challenge yourself to learn 5 past, 10 past 20 past etc  if you find this easy.  You could also find out how long between things like how long between lunch time and  dinner time.  Or you could find out things like:  if you go for  a walk at 1pm and get back at quarter past 2, how long was your walk?



This week we would have been learning about the Easter Story and Christian Symbols of Easter so you might Like to design an Easter Card using some of the Christian Symbols of Easter.  I will put some up on the website.


We would also have been learning about how they rebuilt London after the Great Fire.  Espresso have a lovely video to show you all about this, just click the link here.


In science we would have been drawing pictures and writing sentences to explain why having good hygiene is important to help keep our bodies healthy, you could try this at home.


We hope you have fun working on some of these activities and parents please don't hesitate to get in touch via the school email address with any questions you might have.


Keep smiling everyone.


Mrs Smith, Mrs Rose, Mrs Clarke and Mrs Stickland




Christian Symbols of Easter

Thursday  26.3.20

Hello KS1 children.  We miss seeing you all but we hope you are keeping busy, happy and healthy at home with your families. 

For your home learning, please remember that you have some online Bug Club books to read, as well as the ones in your pack. 

To help with your reading, it would be really useful if the ‘Year 1 group’ could join in with the daily online phonic ‘Read Write Inc.’(RWI) sessions.  At the moment, RWI are posting a phonics session on youtube every day for each of the three sets of sounds.  We have been working on Set 3 sounds and the daily lesson starts at 10.30 a.m. (but this can be accessed for a further 24 hours now).  The link is pasted below.    Year 2 children – you can join in as well if you need more practise with that day’s sound!

We hope you are practising some of your Maths and writing too.  Perhaps you could learn your number bonds to 10 and 20 this week, learn to tell the time or write a diary entry everyday. Some children are also drawing or making lovely rainbows and displaying them for everyone to enjoy in their streets.

The bus shelter in North Crawley has been decorated with some beautiful poppies and your colourful Easter eggs. We have posted some pictures on the school gallery page for you all to see and enjoy.

Lastly, try to get some exercise and, if you can, take your learning outside into the beautiful sunshine while the weather is fine!

From Mrs Smith, Mrs Stickland and Mrs Rose.


Here is the link to direct you to Read Write Inc on Youtube.  We have pasted the link under RWI below.  Each lesson will be available to view for 24 hours now. 

Year 1 Primary Stars Maths Practice